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Communication Is Key To Our Outstanding Service

Richard's Cleaning Service is a locally owned full service commercial and industrial cleaning company that has been servicing New England's healthcare providers, financial institutions, commercial offices, retail properties, manufacturing facilities and public utilities for over 35 years.

Being a family owned company we have stood by our beliefs that hard work, dedication and quality service is the key to providing consistent results day in and day out.

Our goal is to maintain a down to earth, hands on friendly approach while striving for service excellence. Your business is important to us and will never be taken lightly.

All of Richard's Cleaning Service clients are serviced and supervised by Richard's Cleaning Service employees and its management team. We will never leave the cleaning and the security of your business in the hands of a third or fourth party.

Let Richard's Cleaning Service be the sole provider of all your daily Janitorial service needs including Carpet Care and Hard Surface Floor Restoration. We also offer a full line of quality janitorial supplies and office products.

Top-Notch Employees

Our employees are thoroughly screened and trained. We understand that our employees are the foundation of our business, and we reward success. Anyone can empty a barrel--but do they replace the liners or clean the barrel if necessary? Our employees are trained to do that. They will even return your chairs to the proper position after vacuuming under your desks. They are also trained to turn in lost jewelry, money, or anything that may be considered valuable. They will even report any issues they encounter, such as alarm problems, security breaches (such as open windows or unlocked doors), leaky faucets, broken toilets, or faulty lights.

Thorough Supervision

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we at RCS make certain the offices or buildings we service are inspected on a regular basis. For those accounts that are large enough, we implement an on-site supervisor (in addition to an area supervisor) who will inspect the premises regularly.

Competitive Pricing

In order to attract business, we must stay competitive. However, we will not engage in unreasonably low service charges to win a customer. Please keep in mind that if you hire a janitorial company with a price that looks too good to be true, well—you know the rest. When you hire us to do the job, you can be confident that we will do the absolute best job possible when it comes to cleaning your facility.